EV longterm diagnostics – our “TESLA-Logger”

At the beginning, we searched only after
a tool without special needs and driver interaction
to fully document
all charging sessions in an EV
… (billing, charging speed, charge interruptions)

to avoid in the future any Excel spreadsheets
maintained from the vehicle via smartphone
no additional costs in the usage phase

For this purpose, a special data logger for an electric vehicle has been developed, which logs the vehicle stats like distance consumption, charging processes, positions, the undesirable vampire drain and various other parameters and presents data in comprehensible overviews via a web-based interface. Nicely, my current vehicle also offers the possibility to access this data directly from the car with it’s internal browser. So an additional dashboard functionality is available with aggregated car data to support the look-ahead navigation in the car.

Why are we starting that kind of approach for this project?

There are certainly other good projects like TeslaFi (www.teslaFI.com) that are probably (for your personal use case) even better. For their operation, however, they need mandatory the vehicle’s owners personal car access token. But under no circumstances, these vital access data should be handed over to somebody else, working from united states soil, not reachable for european data protectors. It’s enough for us, that Tesla as the manufacturer has to have them for their remote connectivity as a car service provider … and hopefully they handle the data carefully.

DATA STORAGE in the responsibillity of data producer @home

This lead to the idea of processing the vehicle data @home, which is by definition the “safest environment” at all for us. A RaspberryPi, as a host computer consumes very little power and is ideally suited for such an third party application. The car data is collected independently of an beforehand knowledge regarding a suitable later use case. The TESLALOGGER grabs it and makes the data available for current and future reporting (i.E.example, for a recently added monthly monetary analysis of the vampire drain).

Most convincing however, is that the TESLALOGGER data can be displayed at any time in the vehicle itself with only minor delays. This means that this — improved information — can also be used directly for the vehicle driver during his trip.

How can I get a ready-for-operation TESLA LOGGER?

Easiest via the EMDS -SHOP
The TESLA-Logger project is still work in progress.
The Shop version is tested in our location before shipment and will be supported in case of difficulties in the startup process.

The price tag of 140€ represents in reality only a symbolical supporting-gesture to EMDS
70€ are the tested Raspberry PI hardware
70€ is the (not named that way) “patreon-ship” you are providing for the geeks behind the TESLA-LOGGER

Can I possibly build a TESLA LOGGER myself?

An image of the TESLA Logger is available too only for skilled users.
Please send an e-mail to m.k@e-mobility-driving-solutions.de to request it and get detailed information about upcoming projects.