OnBoard “ev”-diagnostics

For Tesla Owners a direct view “under the hood” of their EV is currently prohibited by the manufacturer. Tesla Motors would be the responsible ones for an equivalent user interface containing the required informations for the driver. Currently they seems to have no efforts planed on that topic. Due to actual press and social media coverage the “battery condition of my own EV” gets now more and more attention .

Ironically that vital data from the battery management system is really important for EV-owners all over the world.
EV’s are cars which are planned by design for a much longer operational period than an ICE-powered car.

Therefore we are partnering with several developers to support their software apps and helping to deliver that internal car data to the public.


Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.
Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime .”

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ScanMyTesla project


– Android App – Link inside the PlayStore
– analyzing CANBUS data from the TESLA car
– uses a READ-ONLY access to the car

This Software is not affiliated with Tesla Motors.

By partnering with the developer the e-mobility driving solutions supplies the hardware for the physical access for the car-owners. Look into the EMDS Shop

Our goal is a plug-play quality of the provided components, which is ensured through a quality test before shipment. All required (and tested) components are delivered from one supplier.

Easy to use order handling, comfortable checkout, quick delivery … finally a fast way to use the apps.

Founded as a result of a mini-project in the Tesla-drivers-friends-forum of the TFF organisation, which we continue to support in the future. Linked thread in TFF forum 
Into that project could be integrated already several enhancements since the beginning of the development partnership. The background therefore is also the start of operation for european super-fast charging stations, which had already some problems during charging for EV-drivers.

Performance tab with configurable screen elements
tabular data screen


TM-SPY project


  • Android App – Link towards the Google PlayStore
  • iOS App – not available directly in AppStore
    • distributed as a part of the iOS Testflight BETA-Test application
    • via Mail the membership in the BETA-Test group is obtained

In cooperation with the app-developer we are supplying the necessary equipment for the Android & iOS apps.
Look into the EMDS Shop
New development projects, like the adoption for the TESLA Model3 is actively supported.