diagnostic adapter cable – Tesla M3 (>01/2019) and ModelY – ANDROID bundle version

95,00  +taxes = 113,05 

Due to special agreements of TESLA Motors with regard to a not required
exhaust gas testing in EV’s, there is no OBD port required any more from the manufacturer
to provide access for diagnostics in the vehicle itself. That is the reason why the Model3 doesn’t provide it.

Our bundle version includes the M3 adapter cable, our pre-tested OBD dongle and
a voucher code for a free-of-charge installation of ScanMyTesla from the PlayStore.

There will be no additional costs later on.

This bundle allows the driver to diagnose the BMS and other data sources from his
vehicle. The app is permanently under development. You are supporting these programming efforts directly with your purchase.
Designed for permanent use in the Model3.

  • configuration for M3 vehicles produced from 01/2019
  • tested with ScanMyTesla and TM-SPY

NOTE: This is not an accessory from TESLA Motors.

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