The diagnostic tools transforming the Tesla driver in a responsible owner because they reveal what the vehicle and charging technology really are capable to deliver. They provide arguments when promises and achievements diverge. In the future, the performance of the public german charging system can also be evaluated with such data sets – an important precondition for an ongoing improvement of the installed charging infrastructure.

We supply you with an access adapter that you can easily connect to your car. You can use our mobile apps (ScanMyTesla or TM-Spy) or our TeslaLogger to evaluate your data directly and conveniently.

Our tools provide you with results on whether this has really landed in the car, what the charging column indicates, how much energy loss is during downtime and what influence your own driving behaviour has on the range. You can also see how different charging station models affecting charging time and how much power / energy is effectively available in your Tesla. You can also analyze whether fast charging (DC) is actually more effective than normal (AC) charging.

For any owner of a Tesla who really wants to know what’s in their cars – and what capacity the battery-pack actually offers.

Currently our technology works with the Tesla Model S, 3 and X.

Just you and Tesla itself. Our tools will show you your data without third parties having access to it.

No third party should be able to obtain or view the sensitive access data of your vehicle. The solution developed by us offers the possibility to store and evaluate all data in your personal @home network.

You can easily order the TeslaLogger via our EMDS shop.

Currently we offer PayPal, direct debit or Visa credit card as payment options.