Our products

Together with our partners, we offer complete solutions from a single source for a quick and easy diagnosis of your electric car battery-pack. For this purpose, we have developed apps that provide a very deep and accurate insight into your electric vehicle. We also offer data loggers that show valuable data on energy consumption, charging and the car’s usage history.

Diagnosis via app

EMDS provides an access adapter to create a standard OBD port inside of the electric car. From here, you can either access your vehicle data via the smartphone apps of our partners ScanMyTesla and TM-Spy – or you can use our self-developed TeslaLogger (see below).

ScanMyTesla App

ScanMyTesla, in conjunction with our hardware, provides you with comprehensive data and statistics about your Tesla’s battery-pack. Among other things, the app evaluates the battery usage, temperature and voltage.

This software is in no way affiliated with Tesla Motors.

TM Spy App

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Long-term diagnostics - With the Teslalogger, your data stays private


Based on a Raspberry Pi, the TeslaLogger stores data on the overall condition of the battery without any gaps and thus provides valuable insights into the individual use of the electric vehicle. And this from the personal @home network – all usage data remains private. The TeslaLogger shows you data on route usage, charging, position history, unwanted vampire drain and many other parameters in clear graphics.