CUSTOMIZING: Replacement NoseCone Model S Pre-Facelift

600,00  incl. VAT

This retrofit option is offered as a replacement for the horizontal NoseCone.

The placement of the license plate can also be revised individually during its installation.
It should only be noted that sufficient air circulation must always be ensured, especially in performance ModelS.



Exclusively for owners of a Model S PreFacelift: the CustomUpgrade Model S!

project name : TESLAmartin

It is followed by Tesla’s aerodynamic design and combines it with the unmistakable
character of an Aston Martin. The unmistakable front enhances the performance identity
of the vehicle and gives it a unique, discreetly aggressive look.

Produced in Germany

It completely replaces the Nose-Cone of the original TESLA Pre-FaceLift ModelS.
In an existing car configuration missing the “park distance control” ,we kindly ask you to provide a corresponding
information to us.

The installation (+150€) can also be carried out by our partner workshops.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 45 × 25 cm


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