TESLALOGGER Image for RaspberryPi 4

30,00  incl. VAT

The TESLALOGGER Image is a RaspberryPI image that is delivered already pre-configured on a microSD card.
It contains the currently released software for TESLA vehicle monitoring, so that higher knowledge
is necessary for a succesful setup of a corresponding RASPBERRY by the car owners.

In our experience, it is possible to be ready for operation after approx. 10 minutes
the communication with a TESLA vehicle is operational.

We will continue to develop the TESLALOGGER in the future and create
the possibility to improve the ordering and shipping process with this webshop.

Requirements for operation:

  • LAN connection into your own @home-network
  • vehicle can be accessed via the Tesla app
  • Vehicle is “AWAKE”

Supported TESLA vehicles: ModelS, ModelX, Model3




Manual for the TeslaLogger (currently only in german)



Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 2 cm


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