Our motivation

The e-mobility driving solutions GmbH starts to increase the speed of transition towards an emission-free mobility in germany. We are developing equivalent solutions therefore.

e-mobility plays a main role in our personal environment. starting with participation in the govermental funded project „controlled charging 3.0“ as a driver of an electrified BMW prototype the last barrier for the company founder was broken.

Since january 2018 is a TESLA ModelS the answer for our personal  mobility change. My Partner Christian has a well started his personal shift to e-mobility with a TESLA ModelS.

But even these type of cars needs further explanation for users, drivers and system participants in an ev eco-system. To open that kind of new technology to our society (which is in germany “petrol-dominated”) is the company’s mission.

Be a companion on that trip … in the same direction! Together we are faster at the finish line.


As a side sponsor we support the biggest comparison race in germany for pure electric vehicles.
Save the date: 28th of September 2019.