diagnostic adapter cable – Tesla M3 (>01/2019) + Tesla MY

75,00  incl. VAT

Due to special legal regulations regarding EVs aren’t forced to provide
a standard access (OBD-Port) for external analytics any more.

The shown adapter cable opens that access again to provide detailled analysis data for
car behaviour and usage of smartphone apps deisigned for that purpose.

Designed to stay permanently inside the TESLA-M3.

  •  configuration for  M3-vehicles produced after 01/2019
  • allows communication with ScanMyTesla and TM-SPY
  • it is not an accessories kit from TESLA Motors




The adapter cable setup procedure requires inside a M3 a complete
shutdown of the car before starting. Therefore at least 10 additional minutes
should be planned. For a deinstallation of the adapter cable the same
time should be considered.

During the installation period no remote access to the car is allowed.
Please read carefully the shipped “Setup Guide” for the M3 adapter cable.

Additional information

Weight 04 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 cm


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