Bluetooth OBD Dongle (checked against ScanMyTesla4Android and AMPtech app)

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The „pre-tested“ bluetooth OBD dongle is conform to the harware requirement of ScanMyTesla & TM-Spy.
All are tested against the latest version of ScanMyTesla.

It is  standard ELM327 compatible OBD dongle, which are delivered even from large suppliers only with changing qualities.
As an example is here presented the latest collection of not properly working OBD dongles  …

That is the reason that no recommendations are made from the app-developers except the OBDLINK MX dongle  Amazon-LINK.
But to be honest that is as well a different price range for an OBD II device.

Link to the OBDLINK MX

delivery time: 2 weeks

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We strongly recommend that tested ELM327 compatible OBD dongle. Unfortunatly the app developers (as the first line of contact) already experienced that the quality of the dongles sold from major market suppliers is constantly declining. We provide therefore these already 100% tested obd dongles to increase the satisfaction for the car data instead blaming the market shops for delivering a non-compatible device.

These are some examples of our collection of non-conform dongles.


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